1. This was a questions from our customer, asking us for a H2 base Led light bulb. He was seeking H2 base led bulb to make use of on 12V automobile. And as what he claimed, he has spoken to several distributors, yet nobody had this type of h2 led light bulb. So he desired if we can aid him to develop a H2 base led bulb with thorough specification to custom car door lights. As the custom automobile led lights firm, we agreed to take this job.

We customized the H2 base for LED light bulb inning accordance with the bulb dimension of H2 halogen, as well as integrated it with our 3030 SMD led bulb for providing the outstanding efficiency as well as make certain the ease on setup. After the customer validated the example, we have actually produced and also provided the freight of stock order to the client.

  1. In this task, we are extremely taken pleasure in that we can help our client to fix their trouble and we are better.
  2. We want you can inform us if you have any type of need on led auto light product, perhaps, things you are troubled can be fixed by us.